Arlington Company Fills a Gap in Advocacy Building the First Mobile Responsive All-in-One Platform

We had the opportunity to hear from Jeb Ory, the co-founder of Phone2Action, a technology company based in Arlington, Virginia for civic participation and stakeholder engagement. Tell us your story. Why did you start your business? We founded Phone2Action to solve a problem Ximena Hartsock, my cofounder, had. She was managing advocacy campaigns and noticed that there was no way ...

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7 Entrepreneurs Explain Why The Washington DC Area Is a Good Place for Business

There are few areas more energized and engaging with entrepreneurs than the Washington D.C. area. The area is quickly becoming the haven if you’re looking to form your own company or find bright minds to partner with. The proximity to the White House and an ever-evolving entrepreneurial spirit makes the area a perfect place to be if you’re looking to start a business. ...

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Executive Director of Northern Virginia Franchise Creates Jobs Providing Support for the Aging Population

Michael San Juan the Executive Director of Always Best Care of Arlington which provides multiple options for seniors including an assisted living finder/referral services, in-home care and remote safety monitoring/remote home automation. Michael spoke about the following: • What the franchise do? • What a typical day is like for him • How the company has leveraged technology to be ...

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100+ Local Business Resources You Need to Know About in DC, Maryland & Virginia

Networking is alive and thriving in the DMV. There are so many organizations and groups to be a part of in D.C., Maryland and Virginia so, we decided to start making a list of some of the resources, organizations or groups that you could join or visit in the area. While it’s not comprehensive (yet) we, have taken a try ...

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DC Startup Helps People Find Non-Membership Based Fitness Activities

Being able to find a gym or fitness class can be an arduous process. Often people have to search based on price, location, reviews and many other variables to find the perfect class to attend. Reghe Ojaide, the founder and CEO of ReserveKing hopes that her DC based startup that launches this month makes the process easier for fitness seekers. We ...

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Entrepreneur Creates Mobile Marketplace for Men’s Fashion Resellers

Often a business starts when an entrepreneur or business owner has a pain point or something they wished existed. After research and searching, an entrepreneur might realize that whatever their idea is doesn’t actually exist. This is when a true entrepreneur develops that solution. This was the case for Eric Niu, the CEO & Co-Founder of Swaggle, a DMV based application that ...

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Northern Virginia Based Company Revolutionizing The Way People Move

Moving is a frustrating experience. For many people they dread the experience and Northern Virginia based PockitShip is focused on revolutionizing the experience and improving the overall experience. We had the opportunity to speak with Garrett O’Shea, Co-Founder to learn more about how they’re creating the “Uber for moving,” what inspires him and some of the exciting things that they ...

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Husband & Wife Focus on Incredible Customer Experience at their NoVa Salon

Today it’s become more and more difficult to get people to visit small business in person. However, many small business owners like Jonathan Elkhouri focused on creating an incredible customer experience to encourage clients and customers to keep coming back over and over again. We spoke with Jonathan, the owner of Salon Khouri located in Fairfax, Virginia about how he got started, what makes his ...

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Entrepreneur Continues His Families Legacy with His Painting Business

“Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.” This phrase comes from the Bible and goes back to the idea that a child learns values and even interests early in life. For some, it might be manners but sometimes for entrepreneurs and business owners it could be ...

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Transitioning Our Directory to CBNation’s New Directory Site

One of the goals and purposes of this new directory site is to consolidate a lot of our efforts across our different sites. We had very specific directory listings on DMV CEO, Rescue a CEO and even our business blog directory on our main site CBNation. We are hoping now that we are able to consolidate one of our best ...

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