Transitioning Our Directory to CBNation’s New Directory Site

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One of the goals and purposes of this new directory site is to consolidate a lot of our efforts across our different sites. We had very specific directory listings on DMV CEO, Rescue a CEO and even our business blog directory on our main site CBNation. We are hoping now that we are able to consolidate one of our best ...

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Virginia Entrepreneur Helps Incarcerated Parents Bond with Children on the Outside

Photo Credit: Quniana Futrell

This week we spoke to Quniana Futrell – an entrepreneur based in Hampton Roads, Virginia. Futrell made it her mission to help teach incarcerated parents how to be there for their child while behind bars, as well as informing teachers how to react to these situations. Quniana has also authored books focusing on the subject which stem from her personal experiences growing ...

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Local Business Coach Seeks to Change Lives & Provide Hope with a Wellness Center

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Wellness is often ignored especially for busy professionals like entrepreneurs and business owners. There’s so many things to juggle and do and often wellness takes a back seat. The all too often belief is that there simply are not enough hours to get everything done. However, this does not have to be the case. Victoria Rader author, speaker and founder of YU2Shine  provides coaching services to ...

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Northern Virginia Entrepreneur Helps Community Members Train for Political Office

Photo Credit: Krysta Jones

This week we spoke to Krysta Jones – CEO and founder of Virginia Leadership Institute. After a stint volunteering with the Peace Corps, Jones returned to Northern Virginia ready to use her experience by improving her community. VLI works to give African Americans training for holding government positions as elected representatives in Northern Virginia as well as throughout the DMV. Check out ...

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College Friends Create On-Demand Grooming Service for Men on the Move


This week we spoke to Killian Lewis, Crystal Allen, and Morgan Winbush – co-founders of The Haus Call. These three college friends build a business of on-demand grooming for men on the move. Upon finding out just how hard it was to schedule in some pampering time, the trio built The Haus Call. Likened to “Uber for Haircuts”, the co-founders have their ...

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Virginia Entrepreneur Unifies Assistance for Hispanic Business Community

Photo Credit: Michel Zajour

  CEO Chat is a podcast powered by Blue 16 Media. Each episode features an entrepreneur or business owner speaking on their remarkable journey as well as advice for anyone heading down the entrepreneurial path. This episode features Michel Zajour, founder and CEO of the Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Check out the episode above to listen to the full ...

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Virginia Entrepreneur Puts an Emphasis on Employee Satisfaction

Photo Credit: Lakshmi Gupta

Sometimes being an entrepreneur is a thought that has always been brewing. It sits at the back of your mind through whatever else you’re doing at the moment. It doesn’t always have to be a powerful moment when you decide that you’re the only one who can take the reins. Sometimes knowing that you’ll be an entrepreneur at the end ...

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Maryland Entrepreneur Works to Make Healthcare Coherent

Photo Credit: Rachel Boryachinskiy

Entrepreneurs build companies to fill a gap in a particular industry more often than not. You’ll hear stories centered around the same theme – we couldn’t find the product we needed so we invented it. As business changes and technology evolves there will always be gaps popping up. Unfortunately a lot of the gaps popping up impact a lot of ...

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Virginia Business Owner Helps Keep Companies Connected with Concierge IT Company

Photo Credit: Paul McNeal

Sometimes finding your way as an entrepreneur or business owner just clicks. All of the right pieces fall neatly into place and what you’re left with – if you play your cards right – is a rewarding business you can continually shape to fit your goals. It’s an easier path for some to seek out than others. While being an ...

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Washington, D.C. Branding Guru Helps Businesses Ignite Their Reputation the Right Way

Photo Credit: Julian B. Kiganda

There’s a notion when it comes to following your passion in life. There should be a singular passion. Not passions, but passion. Some entrepreneurs follow the tech pathway straight to Silicon Valley while other business owners hear the siren song of marketing. The theory behind it all is a misinformed one. There is room for multiple passions in a small ...

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