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Understanding Your True Color to Strengthen You & Your Team [CEO Chat]


We spoke with Marlo Watson from The Marlo Company. We chatted about her background, self awareness, True Colors, how to hire the correct person for the job and building a strong team.

Marlo Thomas Watson, President of The Marlo Company, Inc. has made a career of finding the human element. With the introduction of True Colors, Marlo knew how important it was to see this opportunity out. “True Colors is a personality profile. It helps individuals to understand how they’re made up. Everyone for the most part has a dominant, or what we refer to as a bright color and it’s based off of four colors – green, gold, orange, and blue. There are certain characteristics that are innate with each color. The beauty of true colors versus a lot of other personality profiles is that True Colors is a spectrum. So you have your brightest color but then whatever your subsequent colors are, and how high you rank in those, can impact even how you manifest your brightest color. You can really help people to build career paths or make relationships with other people. You get to really understand how people are made up. The Marlo Company is about people development. We like to develop your people so you can do your business.”

Read the post from the interview here: dmv.ceoblognation.com/2016/01/15/4475/


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