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Successful Network Marketer Harnesses the Power of “Why” [CEO Chat]


CEO Chat speaks with David Delevante of Delevante Health Enterprises located in Triangle, Virginia. Find out about his book, I am Free, why his favorite entrepreneurial quote, how he has become so successful as a network marketer, how he has harness the power of why and how you can too.

Free copy of “I am Free”

DMV CEO Article on David Delevante: http://dmv.ceoblognation.com/2014/01/23/successful-network-marketer-uses-power-hours-build-quarter-million-dollar-business/

Transitioning to Owning It

Why Listening & Asking Questions Leads to Success in Network Marketing

Linear versus Residual Income

Full CEO Chat

Full Podcast

David Can be contacted at Daviddelevante@gmail.com or via call or text at (703) 928-1116.

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