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College Friends Create On-Demand Grooming Service for Men on the Move

This week we spoke to Killian Lewis, Crystal Allen, and Morgan Winbush – co-founders of The Haus Call. These three college friends build a business of on-demand grooming for men on the move. Upon finding out just how hard it was to schedule in some pampering time, the trio built The Haus Call. Likened to “Uber for Haircuts”, the co-founders have their ...

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Entrepreneur Creates Unified Platform to Give Independent Sellers the Right Tools

One of the often unsung parts of being an entrepreneur is the fact that you can build products to help your fellow entrepreneurs. The focus, more often than not, is on the product you build, not how it impacts others. Being an entrepreneur is all about growing a product – and a lot of it has to do on outside ...

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How Entrepreneurs & Business Owners Can Fight Fear to Reach their Goals [CEO Chat]

CEO Chat features Tara Sage Steeves of Create Your Life Inc. An international coach, speaker, twice-published author, and holistic leader, Tara believes that dreams are the voice of our soul, and listening is our gift to the world. Tara Sage Steeves spoke about fear, how it manifests itself and gives us some tools to fight and battle fear. The Big ...

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Best Business Resources in the DMV Area

The average entrepreneur or business owner is constantly on the move. There are deadlines to meet in terms of product delivery, meetings that continue to rack up no matter how many you make, and the need to constantly be one step ahead of the game. For even the most talented multi-tasker this can be an extreme balancing act. So where ...

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7 Business Owners Explain Why the DMV is a Good Place to Be an Entrepreneur

There are few areas more energized and engaging with entrepreneurs than DMV. Short for D.C., Maryland, and Virginia, DMV is quickly becoming the haven if you’re looking to form your own company or find bright minds to partner with. The proximity to large cities and an ever-evolving entrepreneurial spirit makes the area a perfect place to be if you’re in ...

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