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Arlington Company Fills a Gap in Advocacy Building the First Mobile Responsive All-in-One Platform

We had the opportunity to hear from Jeb Ory, the co-founder of Phone2Action, a technology company based in Arlington, Virginia for civic participation and stakeholder engagement. Tell us your story. Why did you start your business? We founded Phone2Action to solve a problem Ximena Hartsock, my cofounder, had. She was managing advocacy campaigns and noticed that there was no way ...

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Northern Virginia Entrepreneur Helps Community Members Train for Political Office

This week we spoke to Krysta Jones – CEO and founder of Virginia Leadership Institute. After a stint volunteering with the Peace Corps, Jones returned to Northern Virginia ready to use her experience by improving her community. VLI works to give African Americans training for holding government positions as elected representatives in Northern Virginia as well as throughout the DMV. Check out ...

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Virginia Entrepreneur Unifies Assistance for Hispanic Business Community

  CEO Chat is a podcast powered by Blue 16 Media. Each episode features an entrepreneur or business owner speaking on their remarkable journey as well as advice for anyone heading down the entrepreneurial path. This episode features Michel Zajour, founder and CEO of the Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Check out the episode above to listen to the full ...

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Gary Vaynerchuk & David Osborn Headline a Local Event Teaches Entrepreneurs the Recipe for Success

Entrepreneurs and business owners traveled to the Xfinity Center at the University of Maryland for an event featuring Gary Vaynerchuk, David Osborn and Ashley Zahabian. The three speakers focused on motivating the packed audience mixed with new and seasoned entrepreneurs to talk about the science of success and advice on how to achieve success in business and in life. The event was hosted by ...

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Understanding Your True Color to Strengthen You & Your Team [CEO Chat]

We spoke with Marlo Watson from The Marlo Company. We chatted about her background, self awareness, True Colors, how to hire the correct person for the job and building a strong team. Marlo Thomas Watson, President of The Marlo Company, Inc. has made a career of finding the human element. With the introduction of True Colors, Marlo knew how important it ...

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