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Entrepreneur Helping Brands Recover From Crises Affecting Their Online Reputation and Improve Their Visibility

An online presence is crucial for any business today. Tripp Donnelly is the CEO of REQ, a digital marketing agency specializing in SEO in DC. For 10 years, REQ’s team of search and reputation management specialists has helped improve clients’ visibility on the web and has helped brands recover from crises that affect their online reputation. By using a combination ...

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Mom & Entrepreneur of This & That Lunch Kit Launch on Kickstarter

With the innovative This & That Lunch Kit, kids will actually look forward to making and opening their lunchbox! Mom Carine Rosalia and founder of Lunch Squares LLC has created a simple three step process that will not only nourish children at lunchtime with delicious, healthy, well-rounded meals, but also teach kids how to make good food choices. The kit was carefully designed as ...

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Former Sales Man Now a Successful Social Media Strategist Helping Companies Skyrocket Their Online Interaction

It would be hard to believe that someone with a background in sales would make it big in online marketing. For Eric Koch, a graduate with a marketing degree from Virginia Tech (go Hokies) in 2004, he is a proof of the power of creativity in shaping your passion. For the first several years post-college, he bounced around in the job ...

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Fitness Expert Offering Workout Trainings Through Football Experience

Football can be a great way to workout. It’s fun, sporty and can help improve your football skills. At the end, you don’t even realize you’re working out. It’s for this reason that Danielle Chelminsky is passionate about helping adults in their 20s, 30s, and even 40s, who want to get fit, or just want to try something new to mix ...

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Husband & Wife Focus on Incredible Customer Experience at their NoVa Salon

Today it’s become more and more difficult to get people to visit small business in person. However, many small business owners like Jonathan Elkhouri focused on creating an incredible customer experience to encourage clients and customers to keep coming back over and over again. We spoke with Jonathan, the owner of Salon Khouri located in Fairfax, Virginia about how he got started, what makes his ...

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Virginia Business Owner Helps Keep Companies Connected with Concierge IT Company

Sometimes finding your way as an entrepreneur or business owner just clicks. All of the right pieces fall neatly into place and what you’re left with – if you play your cards right – is a rewarding business you can continually shape to fit your goals. It’s an easier path for some to seek out than others. While being an ...

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D.C. Entrepreneur Connects Young Professionals with Talented Mentors to Help Reach Their Goals

Being inspired as an entrepreneur can mean big things for your business or organization. In fact, inspiration is a business in itself. A quick Google search will bring up a litany of articles entitled anything from “How to Inspire Employees,” or “How to Get Inspired,” with a dash of “Inspiration Messages for You” thrown in for good measure. It’s a ...

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D.C. Lawyer Helps Entrepreneurs with Business and Personal Estate Planning

Life always changes. It’s a given that one day will never be the same as another. Whether you’re working a 9-5 job, settled in the role of small business owner, or wearing down the soles of your shoes as an up-and-coming entrepreneur there is going to be one constant throughout your working lifetime – change. Some changes are good, some ...

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Entrepreneur Creates Unified Platform to Give Independent Sellers the Right Tools

One of the often unsung parts of being an entrepreneur is the fact that you can build products to help your fellow entrepreneurs. The focus, more often than not, is on the product you build, not how it impacts others. Being an entrepreneur is all about growing a product – and a lot of it has to do on outside ...

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Charity for Cancer Research Keeps Daughter’s Memory Alive and Strong

The definition of an entrepreneur is blurry. For some people it’s the ability to build a business up from nothing. It’s the ability to call yourself a business owner. Some people consider being an entrepreneur just short of being an inventor. Definitions are hard to get a solid hit on most of the time but there is one thing most ...

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