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DC Startup Helps People Find Non-Membership Based Fitness Activities

Being able to find a gym or fitness class can be an arduous process. Often people have to search based on price, location, reviews and many other variables to find the perfect class to attend. Reghe Ojaide, the founder and CEO of ReserveKing hopes that her DC based startup that launches this month makes the process easier for fitness seekers. We ...

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Local Business Coach Seeks to Change Lives & Provide Hope with a Wellness Center

Wellness is often ignored especially for busy professionals like entrepreneurs and business owners. There’s so many things to juggle and do and often wellness takes a back seat. The all too often belief is that there simply are not enough hours to get everything done. However, this does not have to be the case. Victoria Rader author, speaker and founder of YU2Shine  provides coaching services to ...

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Entrepreneurs & Business Owners Engage in Healthy Discussion at Small Business Forum

Over 150 people attended the Atlantic Small Business Forum held in conjunction with Bank of America and Gallup at the Gallup Building. The event which included speakers and guests from the entrepreneurial community began with registration and a light breakfast and followed with intellectually stimulating conversation. For attendees, the event was an opportunity to witness live interviews of entrepreneurs including Alex ...

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