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Virginia Lawyer Starts Own Firm and Helps Her Community Succeed

Becoming an entrepreneur is born from a variety of different reasons. Some kids start selling and mowing lawns in middle school where they undoubtedly catch the entrepreneur bug. Adults hit on a product need that is nowhere to be found – so they make it themselves. But there is a whole sector of entrepreneurism which stems from a completely different ...

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VA Real Estate Agent Opens Coffee House with a Focus on Community

Ask any entrepreneur to tell you their story and it won’t be like anything you have heard before. Their stories tend to be different not just in the path that led them to entrepreneurship, but also in how they approach the title and work behind it. For all the differences entrepreneurs have there always seems to be one similarity woven ...

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Virginia Therapist Helps a Busy Community Find the Right Balance

Building a business never quite happens the way one might imagine. In a perfect world the steps would be fairly simple. Have an idea for what business you would like to start. Get funding for said business. Find a location, move in, and welcome all your new customers. It’s an easy path, right? For entrepreneurs all over the world their ...

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The Power of Coaching for Entrepreneurs & Business Owners [CEO Chat]

CEO Chat speaks with Reginald Jackson Sr. of Joyful Satisfaction Coaching located in Northern Virginia on his business, advice that he has for business owners and what coaching is and why it’s vital to the success of CEOs and entrepreneurs. Find out why Magic Johnson is his favorite entrepreneur, subordinate leadership, ACOR and how self-talk can help you be successful. Snippet ...

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Virginia Entrepreneur Helps Employees and Business Owners Find Their True Colors

For some people the business field is a very sterile and cold environment. Leaders manage a team, team members do work, and parties get paid. It’s a cycle which can seem fairly banal after a certain amount of time. Within the industry it can also be difficult to fight against the feeling that everything surrounding you is mundane. Luckily there ...

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Virginia Lawyer Builds a Boutique Firm from Scratch

Have you ever read a good book that you just can’t put down? You find yourself sneaking a page on the way home from work, when you should be sleeping, even pouring over it when there are more important things to be done. Finding out how the story ends is the goal of reading any book. But what happens to ...

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Professional Dancer Finds a New Calling after Injury

Life never quite takes you where you expect to go. It doesn’t matter if you have a plan or you’re winging it, sometimes a plan can be pretty useless. One minute you’re sure all the bases are covered only to realize you’ve missed a few things in the hustle. One of the biggest areas in your life which you’ll try ...

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Virginia Lawyer Helps Small Businesses Shape Their Future

The media and popular social platforms have popularized the world of entrepreneurship. Being an entrepreneur is now the ‘it’ thing to do. Years ago the term entrepreneur meant something a little different. It meant going against the grain and inviting a heap of trouble to your doorstep. Banks were extremely leery of the term, you were never seen as a ...

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Virginia Auto Restoration Entrepreneur Focuses on Success

Becoming an entrepreneur is not a spur of the moment choice. Good entrepreneurs don’t suddenly decide their course of action and go into business the very next week. While that might be a popular idea for those looking on from the outside, entrepreneurship is a testament to what determination truly is. Like a dog with a bone, once entrepreneurs find ...

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Virginia Coffee Roaster Gives the DMV Area a Handcrafted Choice

What components drive a person to take on the role of being an entrepreneur? Much like going to college for an arts field of study, proclaiming that you’re becoming an entrepreneur can often be met with criticism and skepticism from friends or family members. The ‘why’ of becoming an entrepreneur is varied and vast. One of the most common phrases ...

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