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2 Entrepreneurs Reveal The Unique Side About Being an Entrepreneur in DC, Maryland & Virginia

Being a DMV(DC, Maryland and Virginia) entrepreneur comes with loads of benefits making it unique to run a business in any of these states.  DC has diverse working communities implying that the state has fresh ideas booming that companies can utilize to build a thriving business. From virtual reality to filmmakers, there’s more that DC has to offer that fosters a collaboration of various industries. Maryland on the hand has its economy mainly supported by small businesses, a clear indication of favorable conditions to run a business in the place. Virginia’s proximity to Washington DC and accessibility of major highways as well as airports facilitate maximum productivity. Additionally, the several research facilities enable advancement of technology which is an important element for the successs of any business today.

Here’s what entrepreneurs had to say about the unique side of running a business in the three states.

#1- Existence of many opportunities

Photo Credit: Maimah Karmo

Being an entrepreneur in the DMV offers so many opportunities. For one, there are so many opportunities to network and meet people who, like you, are driven to success and creating their dreams. Also, many entrepreneurs in this area are very connected with philanthropic causes, which enables you to help others as part of your business model. There are also many opportunities to mentor others and be mentored by successful people. There are also so many people from various countries, cultures and diverse ways of thinking, that it’s a great area for diversity of ideas, collaboration and creativity.

Thanks to Maimah Karmo, Tigerlily Foundation!

#2-Well educated and rich customer base

Photo Credit: Hervé Billiet

Compared to the rest of the nation, our customers are quite wealthy, which makes it both easier and more complicated. Easier because we deal with well-educated people that have the buying power, but also more difficult because many became rich by not randomly spending money and they tend to ask us many questions before signing a contract.

Thanks to Hervé Billiet, Ipsun Power, Inc!

What’s special about being an entrepreneur in DC, Maryland & Virginia? Tell us in the comments below. Don’t forget to join our #IamCEO Community.


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